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Sushi Plate

This is a real dilemma for a lot of people: is it ok to go out to eat sushi when you're on a diet? Let's find out !

California Roll Recipe

California Roll Recipe

Who doesn't like a good California Roll ? Learn the history behind this sunny maki and most important, how to make them !


Avocado Hass

Learn everything about this delicious fruit, who is used in a lot of sushi recipes.

Sushi Restaurant Reviews

Tamashi Wakai, Santiago de Chile

Tamashi Wakai Review

"Friday night in Santiago, don't feel like cooking, bored of pizzas... Sushi? Why not?"

Japon, Santiago de Chile

Japon Review

"For some, "Japon" is simply the best sushi bar in Santiago. I went to find out if it's as good as its reputation."

Sushi Kay, Santiago de Chile

Sushi Kay Review

"It is located on the second floor of the gallery Santiago Centro, the restaurant is nice aesthetically but..."

Senz Review, Santiago de Chile

Senz Review

"Friday night, waiting for movies seance, and hungry. That's how I felt and I was already resigned to go to the "patio de comida"..."

Kintaro Review, Santiago de Chile

Kintaro review

"Kintaro... It's one of the first restaurants I've been in Santiago with my girlfriend, and simply my first sushi ever..."