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Avocado, good for your sushi... and your body !

Hass Avocado from Chile


This central Mexico native fruit is nowadays widely used in maki confection. It combines very well with fish and rice with its soft taste and creamy texture. But did you know that it's an ingredient that have been only recently added in sushi? In the 60's, Ichiro Mashita, a sushi chef from Chicago, was looking for a substitute for “toro”, a fatty cut of tuna. He realized that avocado was perfect for this because of its oily texture and since then the “poor man’s butter” has become one of the most used ingredient in sushi rolls all over the world! (source: wikipedia)


A lot of people think that avocado is bad for diets because its high percentage of fat, about 90% of total calories. But imagine this: a good motor needs good oil & grease to work well, no? Well, the human body is the same, cutting every fat in a diet is always a bad idea. And now guess what, avocado is one of the best source a good fat you’ll find out there! The monounsaturated fats contained in it are healthy for you: less risk of heart disease , lower cholesterol levels, reduced risk of breast cancer... Add potassium, vitamins (B, E, K), a good amount of fiber (5 - 6 g per 100g) and you’ve got one of the healthiest fruits ever! (See our nutrition table)

How to choose an avocado?

If possible, you should always choose your avocados before you buy them. Hold one in your entire hand and press it gently (don’t do it just with a finger or two, or the flesh inside would turn dark). It should be ripe, but still firm. It will be easier to work with as it will keep its shape and texture.
There are about 80 varieties of avocado with different textures and tastes. If you don’t know which one to choose, go for the “Hass”, you just can’t go wrong with this one!

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