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Sushi & Nutrition

How many calories in sushis? In fact, the makis, temakis... are very dietetic dishes. The rice brings a good amount of carbohydrates but it fills quicker than others carbohydrates, for example the ones made from wheat flour. Beside that, the fishes and seafood give great quantities of Omega-3 (essential fatty acids needed for a good metabolism), and are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. The nori used to wrap the rolls is a great source of vitamins and minerals too. Of course the modern types of sushis (with cream cheese, tempura...) aren't as healthy, but consumed in moderate amounts, it shouldn't be a concern.

Here's a table with the calories of the usual ingredients for sushi:

Aliment Calories/100g Proteins Carbs Fats
Avocado 220 2 3.5 22
Rice 166.5 3.5 37 0.5
Salmon 170 20 0 10
Shrimp 81 18 0 1
Tuna 137 23 0 5

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