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Nori, Wrap Your Roll With This Healthy Seaweed !

Nori Sheet


Coming from Japan, the first usages of nori seem to date from the 7th century. These dark sheets are made from the Porphyra alga and are principally used today to wrap Maki and Temaki. Nowadays, the fabrication process is highly industrialized. The alga is cultivated on giant nets in the sea, and once harvested is processed into 20cm square dry sheets.

The Benefits of Eating Nori

In addition to being delicious, nori is super healthy. High levels of protein and dietetic fibers (about 30% for each), vitamins A, B and C and a lot of micronutrient (calcium, potassium, iron and more), this tiny sheet is a concentrated of good things for your body.

A good excuse to eat some more maki!

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