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Eating Sushi on a Diet: Yes You Can !

This is a real dilemma for a lot of people: is it ok to go out to eat sushi on a diet? Here we're gonna try to bring you some clear answers, and some tricks to avoid breaking your eating plan.

Diet & Sushi, compatible?

Sushi PlateWell, it depends on what type of diet you are. If you have a lot of weight to loss and you're on a no-carb diet (followed by a doctor, you should never do it by yourself !), it won't be possible for you to eat rice. So prefer a nice plate of sashimi: all proteins, good fats, no carbs, and super yummy, it's the perfect no carb food ! Another solution is to make yourself your sushi using cauliflower in replacement for rice (recipe coming very soon !). I'm not gonna lie to you, it won't be the same, but it's surprisingly good too !

Almost all modern diets are based on a low consumption of carbs, but for most of you, it won't be a drama if you eat sushi once a week, following the coming advices !

(A diet should always be done with the help of a nutritionist, and most of the time it will be possible to add a sushi lunch per week, just ask him/her ! )

Choose the right place !

Ok, so it's been two weeks you didn't have your shot of sushi... Tonight you're gonna eat sushi, no matter what ! The first thing to do is search a really good sushi bar. It should be something exciting: why don't you try this traditional sushi bar you have seen a good review, or this crazy restaurant where they do awesome creative fusions rolls?

Then, call some friends, some family, anyone ! It's always better to be accompanied so you're not focusing on "Eat ! Eat ! Eat !". Plus, who's gonna refuse such an invitation? (not me, in case you need someone... ^^ )

At the sushi bar

Here's a good tip: order your dishes ONE BY ONE. Ask for the waiter to keep the menu with you, it won't never be a problem. This moment should be a pause in your "crazy everyday life": seated with the persons you like, talking, enjoying, sharing... Eat slowly, savouring every bite, trying to taste every ingredient (no need to become a scientist neither, just let your senses do the work ! ) and when you're done, if you are really still hungry, order another dish. The fact of eating slow allows the brain to receive the messages of satiety, so you will be full with less food than usual.

Another recommendation: the soy sauce isn't a bath for sushi ! Try to put just what is needed, so you won't eat up too much sodium (which leads to water restrain). That way, the subtle flavors of fish won't be hidden behind the salt.

The trap of modern Sushi

Tempura, Cream cheese, Sweet sauces... These might seem (and taste) delicious, but never forget that all these ingredients aren't good for your figure, and the fact that they are wrapped in nori doesn't change anything ! In our modern society, it's easy to forget the real taste of food, and become addicted to sweet, crispy, colorful... All kinds of artificial that tricks you to buy low quality ingredients. Eating top quality food should be at least such important than your calorie plan.

So, next time at your sushi bar, try a simple salmon nigiri and you will see that sometimes, the simpler the better !

On a diet too? Share your experiences and advices !