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The Secrets for a Perfect & Easy Sushi Rice

When it comes about sushi making, one of the most frequent question is: how do I make sushi rice? Here I’m gonna give you some tips so you can make it yourself easily at home with the best results.

The Perfect Rice

First we've got to ask ourselves, what does make a gohan better than another? Here are the two qualities you’re looking for: taste and texture, it's as simple as that. A good rice must have a subtle taste. Now about the texture: fluffy, that's what you want. An heavy feel will give you a "supermarket" roll or nigiri, that kind of sushi that leaves you like if you had junk-food for lunch (not that I don't like junk-food but it isn't what I look for when I eat sushi). I advise you buy a "special sushi" rice, and if it's Japanese, even better. If you can't have it, use a round grain rice of the highest quality possible, don't forget that this is half of your sushi!

The Cooking

Washed Sushi Rice
Before & After Washing

Now the fun part: let's cook! First we are gonna rinse the grains very carefully. Put them in a jar, fill with cold water, wash it gently with your hands, and rinse. You're gonna do that 3 or 4 times, or more, until the water comes clear. This is an important operation as it avoids the rice to be too sticky.
Next we are gonna put it in a pan with approximately 1,5 volume of water. Bring it to boil quickly, cover and then lower the heat to the minimum. Leave it for 15 minutes without remove the pan lid!. A transparent lid will do this easier as you will see if it steel have water: once there aren't any bubble anymore, stop the heat and leave it covered for another 15 minutes.

Cooling & Seasoning

Here is a crucial moment: the cooling and seasoning. For the seasoning you can buy it ready made or do it yourself by mixing 5Tbsp of rice vinegar with 1Tbsp of sugar and 1Tbsp of salt. Place the cooked rice in a large wood or plastic recipient and let it cool down for a couple of minutes. Now you can spread your seasoning (about 2 spoons for 1 cup of dry rice) on top of the rice. Mix it gently with a wooden spoon and at the same time, ventilate! THIS is the secret for a nice fluffy rice! It will give you a sticky rice, but that also melts in your mouth.

Cooked Sushi Rice
It's cooked !

It's done! We now have our rice ready to make delicious maki, temaki, nigiri... The right temperature to use it is about the temperature of your body, a common mistake is to wait until the rice is cold, but it is way better when it's still a little warm as the flavors will be more pronounced. Like everything in cooking, you'll become better and better with the time, adjusting your cooking and seasoning according to your taste, your rice, your kitchen. Making a good sushi rice isn't so hard, but you should always be looking for perfection. As an example, in Japan, it will take about two years for a becoming sushi chef just to learn how to cook the rice !

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