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EverydaySushi : Sushi Restaurant Review

Sushi is a dish very appreciated by Chileans, and there are many restaurant of them here in Santiago. So today I decide to review one of the few I go every once a while: Everyday Sushi. This is a small restaurant who serves sushis and Korean food.

2.5 Star Rating  

(2.5 out of 5 Stars)
by Joris Obert
the 2012-09-24

Merced 655, Santiago, Chile Country of the review              

I'm well received by the waitress and decide to sit in the eating room (but you can sit in front of the cookers if you want) and get brought the menu. There is quite a large choice of sushi, from the classic ones to fusion ones. Some of them are with scallop and for having tried them before, I can really say they're delicious. They serve Korean dishes too, that I've never tried but they seem to be good as a lot of people are ordering and enjoying them.

My choice is going to the "Sake Furai" roll: salmon, chive and cream cheese sushi wrapped in grilled salmon with unagui sauce. I'm getting the "Tako Cheese" niguiris for "desert", with octopus and cream cheese gunkan style (you can see how it looks in the last picture). The wait isn't too long, about 10 minutes I would say and as the restaurant was busy, I think it's not bad. My order arrives and... deception, I think the waitress didn't understand my "french-spanish" dialect, so I found myself with the same roll, but tempura style (you've got to choose you want when you order, grilled or tempura). I've never tried this type of sushi so I see it as a sign of fate, it's gonna be today!

First bite: it's crispy! Usually I don't like tempura because it's often too soft, but no problem with that here. It's a little hard to get used to a warm roll for me. The fish is good, but it's overwhelmed by the tempura taste, so you barely notice it... On the good side, the rice is fluffy, not too heavy or anything, and it's important with a roll of this kind. I finish it, and in spite of his price (10$) it's a good choice if you are not starving, as it's enough for a normal appetite.

Now, the niguiri. I've already eaten it so no surprise, it's good, definitely not "traditional Japanese food" but really tasty, not dry at all thanks to the cream cheese, the octopus is tender, and the rice fluffy again. If I had to say one bad thing, maybe the fact that you're obliged to eat it in one bite, and due to the size, it's not so easy...

Conclusion: good service, average prices, and besides that I'm not a fan of the tempura style, good sushis, well prepared. Certainly not the best sushi of the area, but for the price it's a good option if you want a quick meal.

Price: 15$ for fusion roll, 2 niguiris, and a soft drink.

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