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Japon del Lago : Sushi Restaurant Review

Japan del Lago is a nice sushi bar on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, Puerto Varas.

4.5 Star Rating  

(4.5 out of 5 Stars)
by Joris Obert
the 2013-03-21

Ramón Freire 1057, Puerto Varas, Chile Country of the review              Web:

It was a good weekend in Puerto Varas , my first time in the southern Chilean and one of my last before returning to France ... Although we had a lot of rain, I found the area beautiful: los saltos del Petrohue, el Lago Todo los Santos, Puerto Montt, Frutillar, 4 days was not enough but I'll be back ^ ^

The food in this part of Chile is exquisite, I had to take a kilo per day hahaha. I had to try the sushi here salmon is a local product and every dish I've eaten with fish and / or shellfish were exquisite. So we went with my pretty girlfirend "Japan del Lago" , which has the reputation of being one of the best in the south!

The place is nice, very Japanese: small tables, quiet atmosphere. The waitresses welcome us with a smile and the service was like that all night, very good! For starters, tasty gyosas, then a plate of sashimi! The sashimi was WOW ... Beautifully cut, extra fresh fish, delicious. One of the best I've eaten in my life! The only criticism I can make is that the fish was a little cold, but nothing really serious.

After we had some maki, one scalop, chives and cheese and one of our composition (you can make your own choice of three ingredients): loko (a very famous crustacean Chile), cheese and avocado, sprinkled with masago. A hosomaki loko (yes, I like it lol) and 2 salmon nigiri . Everything was super good: makis are well made, very fresh and I love the loko on the sushi. The sake was nothing exceptional but warm it was ok. We ask away what remains, no problem as often in this country.

In the end a top sushi bar, with a very good service and excellent food, you can go there with your eyes closed.

Price: 40,000 pesos (about 80$) for 5 gyosas a large plate of sashimi (18 cuts I think), 2 maki, 2 nigiri, an hosomaki, a beer, one soda and a bottle of sake .

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