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Japon : Sushi Restaurant Review

For some, Japon is simply the best sushi bar in Santiago. Armed with my camera and my chopsticks, I went to find out if it's as good as its reputation.

4.5 Star Rating  

(4.5 out of 5 Stars)
by Joris Obert
the 2012-12-28

Calle Baron Pierre de Coubertin, 39, Santiago, Chile Country of the review              

The restaurant is located in "Santiago centro", in a little hidden street. The massive front door is somewhat scary, there is no way to look what's inside as there aren't any windows to the street. But once we went inside, we felt better right away: the service is very polite and kind. After some negociation, we were able to have a table in the "traditional" rooms: old school Japanese decoration, wooden table, and you've got to quit your shoes to sit, great ambient.

While we were looking at the menu, a little salmon ceviche is brought to us: fresh, light, a great starter. There is a large choice of sushis and Japanese dishes, even some desserts. We choose the sashimi plate with some sushi for 2 persons.

First, the sashimi: beautiful ! I loved the presentation, big fat cuts of salmon and tuna, a preparation with "centolla" and fish roe, sea urchin and white fish. Everything is delicious, except the sea urchin: i didn't like it before, and unfortunately I still don't...

Then, the sushi plate: again, a pleasure for the eyes ! The nigiris are awesome, those thick cuts again, I could eat that until I explode. We've got a tuna roll with avocado and black sesame, a tempura shrimp roll wrapped in salmon (which I liked because it didn't have this fried taste as the others tempura rolls I've tried before), and 4 gunkan nigiris (two with salmon eggs and two with sea urchin). Everything was so good, very light in the mouth, great great sushi.

In conclusion, I don't know if it's the best sushi in town, but the different atmosphere, the service, the quality of the food makes it a must try if you're a sushi lover in Santiago. (and have some money because it isn't cheap, but the experience worth it.)

Price: 82$ for a sashimi plate, sushi menu for 2, a beer, a coke, and a sparkling wine bottle.

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