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Tamashi Wakai : Sushi Restaurant Review

Friday night in Santiago, don't feel like cooking, bored of pizzas... Sushi? Why not?

4.0 Star Rating  

(4.0 out of 5 Stars)
by Joris Obert
the 2013-02-25

Portugal 551, Santiago, Chile Country of the review              

After a brief search on pedidosya.cl, I notice Tamashi Wakai: recipes seem rather original and not reviews are pretty good. A few clicks later, sashimi and two rolls are ordered. The delivery time indicated is 30 to 45 minutes, which will be become 1h but with a call to warn us of the delay. Nothing too bad, few deliveries made on time on a Friday night. (I must not be the only one that doesn't want to cook ^^)

So an hour later, here we are with our 18 salmon sashimi, a Tako Maki which is a hosomaki octopus and pineapple and California Matsuri: salmon, cream cheese, pineapple, surrounded with masago ...mmmm that doesn't look like fish roe ! The delivery guy is already gone so I do not know why and how, but I end up with nuts instead of masago. That's okay, I'm in a good mood, I do not want to do the boring client, and I'm hungry!

First, sashimi: they are a reasonable size and the fish is fresh, not much to say except that they are very good. Oh yes, one criticism stop putting sesame seeds everywhere, and especially on sashimi!

Then I tasted the makis: they are well made, tight but not too compact, the rice is cooked properly and comes off well in the mouth. The roll octopus / pineapple is simple but I really liked it. The "California Matsuri" was more interesting: in the first there immediately taste the nuts, then it fades to give way to the other ingredients, pretty cool effect! The salmon / pineapple / cream cheese is delicious, it's fresh, crispy, that roll is a success! (Note that I used soy sauce Lee Kum Kim Lightwhich suits to the "exotic" rolls)

Verdict: Tamashi Wakai is a good place in the center of Santiago, good food, serious and free delivery (the driver will not ask for a tip, one more reason to give him one).

Price: 14140 chilean pesos, which is like 28$ for two people.

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